Mémoire oubliée ou l’art du mouvement d’Isadora Duncan

FINZI Graciane
Instrumental ensembles Strings, piano, clarinet
ISMN 979-0-56025-450-0
conducteur et parties séparées







Ensemble Calliopée

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“For me, music is the starting point for dance. It is what sets the body in vibration, what amplifies and modulates the internal musicality of the body; music is sound, sound is vibration, vibration is movement and movement is the medium and root of dance”.
These were the words of Isadora Duncan. This phrase was the inspiration for this piece, and the documents I was able to consult, the movements of this very particular dance she invented, the transparency and movement of the veils that clothed it, determined the very matter of my music, the instrumental flights, rhythm and harmonic color. The very title is part of this forgotten story, her life, so rich in events, travels and loves, too little known and yet so extraordinary, so extravagant. Antoine Bourdelle drew her marvelously, and I of course drew my inspiration from these drawings, which transcribe this art of movement to perfection.
Graciane Finzi



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