(DVD) Dessine moi la musique – Guy Reibel

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At the end of the 60s, the Groupe de Recherches Musicales à la Radio (GRMR), a radio choir, introduced vocal interplay. Fifty years later, vocal interplay has developed in professional and amateur singing circles, and has even penetrated the school system. This, in turn, has influenced composition and the way music is written. Recently, vocal music composition has become accessible to amateur musicians. Guy Reibel was the initiator of this venture, which has been marked by numerous productions (creation of works for professional singers, amateurs or both, development of vocal training courses, production of books, films and radio broadcasts).
From November 2012 to June 2013, Ensemble Musicatreize and Roland Hayrabedian hosted a vocal acting and composition workshop open to volunteers from all backgrounds. Two days a month and work to be done at home.
14 composer participants were each invited to compose a score inspired by a poetic text by Octavio Paz, Pierre de Soleil (© éd. Gallimard). The same text at the outset, but different individual implementations, experimented with over the course of the sessions by the group, observers and interpreters of each person’s work in progress.
Three successive work phases:
– Practice of vocal play (wild singing, thematic games) to open up the field of imagination, develop a vocabulary of sung-spoken-narrated that broadens the traditional field of vocal expression.
– Composition exercises. Testing notation of fragments proposed for listening.
– Individual composition of a score. Search for an adapted original script using drawings and inciting symbols, associating gestures and bodily energy in the production of sound, integrating improvised games.

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