Six Madrigaux

Musique Vocale, Choeur, Chœur à Voix Mixtes
ISMN 979-0-56025-278-0


The six madrigals set to poems by Paul Verlaine, taken from Poèmes Saturniens and Fêtes Galantes, are mixed 4-part choruses for solo quartet or vocal ensemble.
They combine several expressive universes:
– Vocal play, prompted by drawn scripts, frequently used in my various works,
spontaneous expression of sung-spoken sounds.
– Harmonic research into natural resonance, using a variety of melodic scales.
– Symmetry in the movement of melodic lines, creating harmonic beams in reflections.
harmonic beams.
– A dynamic movement of sounds that combines rhythm and energy.
Each madrigal explores a particular expressive field. Each madrigal can be interspersed with a vocal interplay that serves as a transition from one to the next, allowing the ensemble’s singers to be joined by a larger amateur choir and even the audience. The score of these games is available on request from the publisher. Thus these madrigals were originally premiered at the St Germain auditorium, Maison des Pratiques Artistiques Amateurs, the work’s sponsor, in 2008.
– DVD Jeu Vocal, chant spontané (Éditions Musicales Artchipel)
– DVD Dessine-moi la musique (Éditions Musicales Artchipel)


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