MUSICoMAN concert au bal Blomet – Paris

Works by Hersant, Finzi, Mařatka, Menut , Schoeller

Immersive concert – Music-Archaeology-Creation , Karine Lethiec, viola and artistic direction

In scientific partnership with MAN-Musée d’Archéologie nationale

An ARTCHIPEL concert, co-produced with the ARION MUSIC label and Ensemble Calliopée to mark the release of the CD.

MUSICoMAN is a musical tribute to the museum’s role as protector of humanity’s history and heritage, through the musical enhancement of emblematic and symbolic objects from its collections and spaces. An encounter between archaeology and music, between the most ancient objects and the most contemporary creations of human beings.

The concert is accompanied by a video creation that immerses the listener in the heart of the archaeological collections, in the visual universe of the MAN.

à 20:00

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