Trois Poèmes galants

MENUT Benoît
Soprano piano
ISMN 979-0-56025-162-2




Macha Lemaître


Written between July and December 2013, the Trois Poèmes galants are dedicated to soprano Macha Lemaître. For this cycle, I chose poems by ancient authors that particularly appealed to me for their tenderness, beauty and light.
Étrennes à une Damoiselle by Clément Marot (1496-1544), for example, is not only humorous, but also expresses the desire to please one’s sweetheart against all odds.
The Sonnetz de l’honneste Amour by Joachim du Bellay (1522-1560) is an apology for deep love, the kind that goes beyond physical attractions to the abode of the spirit. In this piece, I used an extract from a melody by John Dowland and a short quotation from an aria by Christoph Willibald Gluck, featured in his opera Alceste. Through a game of transformation and superimposition, these two quotations blend with the melodic curve proposed by the singer. The pianist will do his utmost to reproduce the touch of the lute, so dear to the English composer.
Finally, À la douceur du temps nouveau by Guilhem IX d’Aquitaine (1071-1127) is a play on scales, modes and canons, reproducing, in my opinion, the joy of the arrival of spring and the freshness of budding love.
Benoît Menut


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