Arboretum du Temps

Quintets, String Quartet
ISMN 979-0-56025-314-5
conducteur & parties séparées


Arboretum of Time isn’t linked to any specific source of inspiration. Its title holds the key to its understanding, in the extra-musical dimension combining the idea of space (the arboretum) and time.
The piece is thus an open door on an imaginary “garden” full of trees – sounds, rhythms, timbres, melodies – acting together as one diversified, but compact shape.
Just as the annual rings are part of the tree trunk, testifying about its growth, each movement of the piece is divided in “annual rings”, or intertwined musical sections forming the body of each given movement. They are signalled by a double bar in the score.
Similar to five nooks in the imaginary arboretum, the piece’s five movements form contrasting parts, each of which underlines the given character with its own nature: Canzona – melody, Arabeska – ornament, Lacrimosa Canon – polyphonic strictness, Vrtka – a rhythm hinting at folklore music inspired by a Czech dance, and Arboretum – the intensity of quickly alternating contrasts. And just as many woody plants of various properties, colours and forms are concentrated in the small surface of an arboretum, all the developments of the piece take place in the same space, immersed in the elusive flow of time in which the only tangible value seems to be the experience of the present moment.
Kryštof Mařatka


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