À bas Don Juan ! & La Cantate de Leipzig

BOIS Mario
ISBN 978-2-917992-19-7


For centuries, Don Juan has been considered a great seducer. We envy him, we admire this great lord. He’s a hero in theater and opera. He’s a fictional character, but historically he was incarnated by Miguel de Mañara, who lived in Seville in the early 17th century.
In reality, Don Juan is an awful character, a cruel bastard with but one goal: to demean women, lie to them, make them suffer, humiliate and destroy them.
This buffoonery is designed to make him look as ridiculous as he deserves.
In the early 1960s, when East Germany was heavily Sovietized, a Parisian music publisher travelled to Leipzig to try to establish a performance contract with Breitkopf & Hartel. It was there that he met Gunther Rosenthal, a leading Bach musicologist. At the time, Jews were very badly treated by the authorities. Rosenthal had made an extraordinary discovery in the attic of an old house: an unknown Bach manuscript, a lost, unpublished cantata. He has hidden it away and wants to smuggle it to the West…

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