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département de la Sarthe pour le Festival de l’Épau


Bérengère de Navarre (circa 1160-1230) was a singular, important figure of her time. She was also a kind of symbol, a woman, queen, widow of Richard the Lionheart, childless, who had to assert her rights to continue holding a rank; a traveler by obligation (Italy, Sicily, Cyprus, the Holy Land…), duty, then pleasure (Le Mans).
I have tried to tell the story of her life at four ages in this work, based on the latest historical works available, in particular those by Ghislain Baury and Vincent Corriol, authors of Bérengère de Navarre (c. 1160-1230) Histoire et mémoire d’une reine d’Angleterre, éditions Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2022, whose remarkable work enabled me to draw inspiration from the many historical and literary sources it contains.
Thus, in six tableaux, we travel through a life, sung by two choirs, young and adult, accompanied by a large wind, brass and percussion ensemble and percussion, perfectly suited to the sound of the Abbaye de l’Épau, of which Bérengère was the founder.
Part cantata, part oratorio, this is a work with a historical vocation, but also as epic as certain episodes in this woman’s life. of this woman. I would like to thank Marianne Gaussiat, artistic director of the Festival de l’Épau, for her confidence, as well as all the departments of the departments of the Sarthe département and the Abbaye de l’Épau for their support and attentiveness in the construction of this singular adventure.
Today, Bérengère’s recumbent tomb stands at the heart of this place. Her spirit vibrates here, and I’m happy to have written, sung and made sing her story.



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