Canto Per Matteo

MENUT Benoît
Solos violin
ISMN 979-0-56025-252-0


Written in December 2015, this piece for solo violin owes its title (literally Chant pour Matteo) to a tribute paid to the magnificent violin – a 1723 Matteo Goffriler – of soloist Amanda Favier, who has accompanied him for the past twenty years.
This song, which lasts around four minutes, is a series of variations around a motif (the first bars of the piece), variations which follow on from each other, coiling around the theme and developing it in a variety of ways (reversible, retrograde, transpositions… both horizontally and vertically). At the end of the piece, and as a tribute to the “musical tombs”, the name Matteo Goffriler appears in notes, like an apparition but also to give a kind of final answer to the musical questioning.
Dedicated to Amanda Favier, this piece contains the seeds of a future Suite for solo violin. It can thus be played after the suite, as a summary that was nonetheless a starting point.
Benoît Menut


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