Die Sehnsucht nach dem Glück

MENUT Benoît
Musique Symphonique cello
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festival Plage Musicale en Bangor
Christophe Beau

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Commissioned by the Plage Musicale Festival in Bangor on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the rhapsody Die Sehnsucht nach dem Glück is dedicated to the cellist Christophe Beau (also artistic director of the festival).

It was during a visit to the Vienna Secession Pavilion that I discovered Gustave Klimer’s admirable Beethoven Fresco.
Beethoven by Gustave Klimt, a tribute to the composer and his IXth Symphony, humanity’s quasi-initiatory journey towards transcendence.
Following the example of Modest Mussorgsky and his Pictures at an Exhibition, I imagined the work as a stroll through the pavilion.
Thus, the Floating Geniuses (stretched female bodies creating the link between sequences) prelude the Sufferings of Weak Humanity, calling out to the willing and courageous Golden Knight. The latter comes up against the deepest anguish, represented by the Enemy Powers, Gorgons and allegories of deep suffering and baser instincts (placed on either side of the giant Typheus, a monstrous ape with an eye reflecting our darkness). The despair of extreme solitude then provides the introspection necessary for rebirth. Music and poetry support and guide the character who, in the end, represents us all.
Then, an imaginary choir sings the Aspiration to Happiness. For the final section of the fresco, the Kiss to the World, I wanted to quote a theme from the sketches of Beethoven’s 10th Symphony, a work that the great composer was still thinking about in his last days.
Thus, freed from his shackles, I imagined Man singing a haunting melody, supported by a joyful, wobbly dance.
This varied, one-piece work represents the synthesis of my work from the 2014-2015 season.
Far from the idea of a patchwork, I conceived the piece (through the very choice of harmonic, melodic and rhythmic elements) as an inner journey.

Benoît Menut


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