(DVD) Le Jeu Vocal (en téléchargement) – Guy Reibel

ISMN 978-2-917922-51-4
DVD en téléchargement


There’s no need to know how to read music, no need to have any prior knowledge.
To play with one’s voice, to enjoy one’s voice: the voice has immense resources for producing infinite sounds, for experiencing unknown sensations, for creating, inventing, discovering and projecting oneself beyond oneself.
My initial research focused on the musical object, its creation, analysis, listening and distribution. But the more I searched for music, the more I was irresistibly drawn, even projected, towards the “human musician”, the one who listens to music, who lives it, not simply as a consumer, but as an actor in his own listening.

Vocal performance offers a different kind of access to musical practice, one that is direct, global and accessible to all, without any prior musical training. It has become a central discipline, enabling us to plunge into a “fundamental music” at the heart of all others. A unifying discipline that links together all the other disciplines. Over the past fifty years, it has proved its worth in all musical circles: schools, amateurs and professionals. It is not a “method” in itself, but a set of principles that can be adapted to different audiences and whose fields of application are infinite.

More than just a musical practice, it creates a social bond within a group, opens the way to deeper communication between beings, helps develop individual and collective expression, channels energy, eases tensions within groups and encourages exchange between all.

It gives meaning to creation, rooting it in a living, participating community, and elevates musical practice for all to a level comparable to that of the best contemporary professional productions.

This theme of vocal games gradually emerged, during work sessions with professional and amateur singers, children and a variety of audiences, in parallel with my research as part of my composition class at the Paris Conservatoire.

The demand from audiences has been immense, and the success I’ve met has encouraged me to pursue this exciting musical and human adventure.