Fables asséchées

DUMONT Aurélien
Instrumental ensembles Electronics
ISMN 979-0-56025-696-2







Grame / New Forum jeune création 2012-2014


Fables asséchées is a piece for ten-piece ensemble and electronics that reflects on the network today. In our globalized societies, where information circulates by abolishing certain spatial and temporal boundaries, I’m very interested in links and other possible or improbable connections between heterogeneous elements. The project therefore consists in writing a piece based on the elaboration of a network of musical objects of extremely different natures, including concrete sounds, O.E.M. (aesthetically modified objects from rock, classical, baroque, troubadour music, etc.), as well as “hybrid” objects. The latter are the subject of special electronic work, generated in real time during the performance of the work – for example, associating a pre-recorded vocal sound with the instrumental gesture of the violin. Two other instruments are also treated. The clarinet becomes an “augmented instrument”, with the blowing, whistling and bisbigliando of a virtual harp. The treatment of the trombone consists in the elaboration of a concatenative synthesis in real time, from the source recordings of the O.E.M. On a metaphorical level, Fables asséchées is inspired by the novel La Cristallisation secrète by Yoko Ogawa. In this novel, the narrator lives on a strange island, cut off from the world, where objects gradually disappear, physically and then mentally, from the memory of the inhabitants. It begins with the disappearance of birds, then novels, then words and more…
Thus, the progressive destructuring of the network is at the heart of the musical project, with, for example, the use of O.E.M. evolving from the referenced quotation (notably with the electronic treatment of the trombone) to its complete deformation. Formally composed of seven small movements separated by electronic tides, Fables asséchées
is partly based on the structural principle of my piece Flaques de miettes (2008-2018) – ©2018 Éditions Musicales Artchipel, where each movement begins at the end of the previous one, continuing in a different direction, like so many elusive unifying attempts doomed to their own disappearance.
Aurélien Dumont


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