Flots en fioles en flot

DUMONT Aurélien
Musique Symphonique viola
ISMN 979-0-56025-244-5




Ensemble 2E2M


Flots en fioles en flot is a piece of free, intuitive writing. The idea of working in concerto form enabled me to reflect on the notion of dialectic in my music. This dialectic manifests itself doubly here: between the idea of continuum (flow) and the idea of a marquetry of objects (vials), and between classical concerto writing (for the soloist) and investigations into timbre (for the ensemble).
The piece mainly explores two possible couplings: continuum/marquetry and ensemble/soloist. In the first part, the soloist is entrusted with the reins of continuity, while the ensemble is more concerned with the punctuation of objects. A broad transition then takes place, in a kind of long, suspended, static cadenza on a single note, which opens into the final section, where things are reversed.
On the other hand, Flots en fioles en flot takes on an experimental side linked more specifically to the discourse itself. Indeed, many of the objects used here are taken from earlier pieces – mainly from the Nara cycle. These objects are, in the manner of my work on what I call OEMs – aesthetically modified objects, taken, decontextualized, re-orchestrated, introduced within a discourse of a different nature and set against other objects – elaborated for this piece.
The latter are expressed in a rather broad register – from the virtuoso, classical, almost referential object, to expressive abstractions and other combinations of timbres.
Continuing my research into heterogeneity – as a composition of elements of different natures, all these objects are thrown onto the score like so many bottles thrown into the sea.
Aurélien Dumont


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