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Emmanuelle Bertrand


Iroise, for solo cello was written between May and August 2019 for its creator, concert artist Emmanuelle Bertrand.
I conceived this piece in two parts of equal length, like two imaginary Traversées.
The first, entitled Ar Mor (the sea in Breton), is subtitled “Du Conquet à Ouessant, mer d’huile, contemplant horizon” (From Conquet to Ushant, a sea of oil, contemplating the horizon), and traces the calm journey (which is rare) from this port on the tip of Finistère to the port on Ushant, which I liken to a voyage of initiation. It’s a gentle coasting, a swaying, which is countered, but only slightly, by the two repeated notes Bb and Ab. We find seabirds, a whole landscape evoked, nature in all its beauty.
The second crossing is called Ar Douar (the land in Breton) and is subtitled: “De Molène à Brest, balloté du corps et du coeur” (“From Molène to Brest, tossed about by body and heart”). Sometimes, the return journey is as hectic as our inner state, as we are forced to leave these paradises to return to the mainland, its perpetual noise and bustle. This return journey is intended to convey a mechanical spirit, something inexorable, rhythmic, harsh…
For the Iroise Sea is paradoxical: its calm is only apparent, its sunshine framed by potential “squalls”; it is the image of its inhabitants, as rough as they are sensitive.
Benoît Menut



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