Kol Nidré

MENUT Benoît
String Quartet
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Bruno Fraitag


All the vows, commitments, oaths, anathemas we have vowed (and pronounced on “ourselves” through this vow); any deprivation or renunciation that, by simple word or oath, we would impose on ourselves from this Yom Kippur to the next (may they be favorable to us); we renounce them in advance: may they be declared invalid, annulled, dissolved, null and void. May they have neither force nor value. May our vows not be regarded as vows, nor our oaths as oaths.
In essence, this is the meaning of the Jewish prayer Kol Nidré, which spoke to me first and foremost.
At the request of Mr Bruno Fraitag, I wrote this “quartet movement” inspired by this meaning. But I also chose to draw inspiration from the curves of vocal melismas, to treat them musically, to superimpose them, to make them meet vertically.
It’s a call to prayer before appeasement, hope in a powerful, solid force.
The piece was premiered on May 21, 2017, in the Copernic synagogue by the Copernic quartet (Yaïr Benaïm, Guillaume Latour, Téodor Comane, Louise de Ricaud).
Benoît Menut



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