La course aux notes, clé de sol, clé de fa

ISBN 978-2-917992-07-4


Complementary game to the Martenot method

La course aux notes, enriched with the F clef and exercises-games adapted to large classes, offers a fun way to learn the reading reflexes essential to the musician.

From C in the second line in the key of F, to A in the first additional line in the key of G, the progression is based on the pentatonic scale, to which rhythms are gradually added.

The exercise-games, designed to be played collectively and repeated individually, are classified into four types:

games of ordinance, encouraging reading in advance, variations, moving on to writing; they are presented according to a progression of acquired skills.

La course aux notes is spoken only, and is intended for the first year of conservatoire, as well as for the school environment. It can be used independently of the Martenot notebooks.

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