Le Dormeur du Val

MENUT Benoît
Soprano, Mezzo piano
ISMN 979-0-56025-466-1




à Madame Christa Ludwig, en hommage respectueux


When Daniel Kawka asked me to write a work for two women’s voices and piano for this occasion, I immediately thought of a monument of French poetry: Arthur Rimbaud’s Le Dormeur du Val.
Everything has been said and written about this work, particularly around the magnificent theatricality of its progression. Everything about it is beautiful, gentle, calm, restful; so restful that death seems incidental to the beauty of the picture painted by the poet. Only the last sentence confirms the feeling gradually established. Death; but death, in the music I wanted to write, not as the cessation of life, but as testimony to a transitory state of existence, not as drama, but as part of life itself.
Rimbaud teaches us this, from the height of his sixteen years of absolute genius, and I humbly wanted to write a sonorous illumination, a delicate lullaby in passacaglia, a music where the two voices would be like the two sides of a mirror, witnesses of this road common to us all.
Benoît Menut


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