Le Jardin…

String Quartet flute
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Festival Plage Musicale en Bangor
à Véronique et Rodolphe de Laboulaye


Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I discovered Belle-Île-en-Mer by reading the haikus created by Véronique de Laboulaye, who gives us a personal and poetic vision of an island to which she is intimately linked. In Belle-Île-en-Mer, “la bien nommée” as it was nicknamed by the poet Éva Jouan, Véronique has created her magnificent garden, a true landscape composition based on an abandoned valley. In her book Une île, un jardin, une femme, Véronique de Laboulaye uses haikus to convey the fleeting impressions and emotions she feels as the seasons go by in Belle-Île-en-Mer, on the lookout for colors, sounds and fragrances, on coastal paths, in a nature that is both wild and maritime, and in an abandoned, tamed valley that has become a landscape garden, her garden. Certain haikus caught my attention in particular. And it was on these texts, evocative of beautiful images, that I chose to base my musical inspiration, to create an illustration, an extension, a meditation following the reading of these poems. Spending a few days in the heart of this unique garden, I felt totally immersed in this rich nature, full of life, where flora and fauna harmonize with elegance.
I had the sensation of being in a timeless place, disconnected from time… This inspired me to construct a work in 5 rather short movements, conceived as musical haikus, each reflecting a facet of the garden. I would like to thank Christophe Beau, artistic director of the Plage musicale festival in Bangor, who, as part of the 30th anniversary of the creation of the La Boulaye garden, wanted to create this musical work linked to this enchanting place. A creation that takes a cross-disciplinary approach to the arts, with music inspired by the place and the poems of the woman who created this magnificent garden.
Thibaut Vuillermet


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