Les Allées sombres

MENUT Benoît
Trios piano, violin, cello
ISMN 979-0-56025-124-0




l’association Jeunes Talents
Olga Alexeeva et le Trio Karénine


The title of my second Trio for violin, cello & piano is Les Allées Sombres, the name of a collection of short stories by Russian writer Ivan Bounine (1870 – 1953). It’s also the name of the first short story in this collection, which exudes a certain “Russian soul” of fatality, questioning the passage of time and chained regrets.
Without going into the details of the story, I adapted the length of my play (around 14 minutes) to the reading time of the literary novel. Although I don’t think I’ve written “program music”, one can nonetheless perceive the musical expression of a hectic carriage ride at the beginning, followed by the appearance of the female character of Nadejda, which I treat, fully assuming it, through the personal use of a pseudo-traditional Irish song.
What interested me in this work was the match between the energy of the written word and its intimate musical transposition, the antithesis of “descriptive” music.
This trio is dedicated to the Karenina Trio and to Miss Olga Alexeeva, who introduced me to this masterpiece of Russian literature.

Benoît Menut


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Dimensions24 × 32 cm

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