Les Poèmes en chansons

MAZÉ Philippe
Equal Voice Choir piano
ISMN 979-0-56025-151-6


Each of us learned poetry from French authors in early childhood, and our memories still echo with the names of Victor Hugo, Guillaume Apollinaire, Alfred de Musset and so many others… I confess that it was only much later that I came to appreciate the beauty of the writings of these great names. My belated thanks go to my first teachers…                                                                                   When I became a teacher in my own right, I had the idea, like many others, of setting a few poems to music, first for fun, then out of pedagogical necessity. It’s a huge undertaking, trying not to betray, to keep it simple while trying to make it beautiful, to encourage discovery while remaining playful…  Without pretension, I hope that this first collection of 13 poems set to music for 2 equal voices and piano will be a modest but effective way for students and teachers alike to share moments together through our beautiful French literature.

Philippe Mazé



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