L’Existence du Possible

FINZI Graciane
Musique Symphonique
ISMN 979-0-56025-593-4
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Paris Mozart Orchestra et de la Philharmonie de Paris (concours La Maestra 2022)
Claire Gibault

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The Existence of the Possible… yes, the possible exists because we live it.
The very beginning of this piece for orchestra attempts to describe what we might call “Before the Before”. Before the birth of the world, nobody, no scientist knows, knows this “Before the before”.
It’s obviously an unanswered question, but one that existed precisely before the first note that sprang from my mind. I’m in the creation of nothing before the first sound arrives, but its existence is possible because the moment I write it arrives.
It’s thoughts buried in the meanders of my memory that have come to give meaning to this music.
The evolution and construction of this piece came naturally, being very close to what I think of the path of life, the joys and asperities that mark it out.
The piece evolves progressively, which was quite a challenge in eight minutes, this timing being part of the specifications.


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Dimensions42 × 29,7 × 0,20 cm