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MELANCOLIA is written for large string orchestra, flutes, oboes, clarinets and percussion. The orchestration is deliberately brass-free, and (apart from a brief evocation of the melancholy theme of the English horn solo in Tristan) there are no “collages” or “quotations” reminiscent of Wagner themes.

Rather, the references are philosophical: a poetic, mystical musical universe, inspired by nature (clouds – sky – space – infinity) and the essential themes found in the myths and legends that inspired Wagner: Quest for the Grail, Quest for the Absolute, initiatory paths….

Kremski gives importance to rhythm, pulsations, movements of energy, the beating of time, the continuum that brings life.  At other times, in a more melancholy atmosphere, one can perceive memories of an ancient world, nostalgia for the lost source…

The composer is not preoccupied with questions of language, fashion or the “avant garde”. Rather, his writing is inspired by concepts linked to architecture: horizontal or vertical lines, vanishing lines, balance between full and empty, near and far, breathing, space, the imaginary, the path…

Two worlds clash or meet… the strings, distant rumors, litanies, dark or luminous, and the flutes, serene, clear, nostalgic, evoking the medieval melodies of a celestial organ…  The soft, solar resonance of the gongs sometimes blends into this moving sound architecture, reminding us that WAGNER was also interested in Buddhism…

“The color of pine trees is neither ancient nor modern” (Zen proverb)



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