DACHEZ Christian
Instrumental ensembles cello
ISMN 979-0-56025-139-4




Festival de violoncelle de Beauvais 2013

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I sat down at my desk, and the unbearable images of violence and repression that we see every day in the media came to mind, outrageous in form and content, degrading in meaning, despairing and dehumanizing.
The annihilation of a world that is nonetheless a beacon of hope.
“So, look…” at this other world, the one you’re walking on, look up and admire these mountains whose indentations merge with the blue of the sky, and listen to the silence of this lake that’s more than a thousand years old… a whole people…
millennia old… a whole people swarms and rubs shoulders with you.
While in the first part I insist incantatorily and “desperately” on the A string, rasping and hammering it, in the second I use a deliberately tonal passage written a long time ago.
Thank you to Emmanuelle Bertrand and the town of Beauvais for allowing this wonderful encounter between my music and Christophe Roy’s Nomos ensemble, one of the first performers I turned to in my career as a composer.

Christian Dachez


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