O Vis Æternitatis

MENUT Benoît
String Orchestra violin
ISMN 979-0-56025-325-1
PO & marériel







Festival Musique aux 4 Horizons
Marianne Piketty


O Vis æternitatis

O Vis æternitatis, (O Power of Eternity) after Hildegarde de Bingen, is a piece composed in February 2017, dedicated to Marianne Piketty.

How does the musical, literary and spiritual work of Hildegarde de Bingen, an immense figure of the Middle Ages, resonate with a composer today? This was the question I posed to myself before writing this piece, following Marianne Piketty’s proposal. More than eight centuries apart, this music still speaks to us, and carries with it universals.

Yet what do we really get from this creator’s art and thought? A pale reflection? A memory veiled by a growing ignorance of the passage of time?

It was this uncertainty that inspired me to write O Vis æternitatis. In it, I contextualize, develop, arrange, harmonize or ornament the initial chant. After all, everything starts with the chant, which I treat as a cantus firmus, a basic chant that serves as a musical and poetic starting point for my work.

In this way, the music of this great Lady will not be a pretext, but rather illuminated, respected and presented to the public through the prism of a living composer.

O Vis æternitatis for solo violin and strings can be performed with either a quintet or a string orchestra.

Benoît Menut