Omaggio Henri Dutilleux

Solos cello
ISMN 979-0-56025-260-5


Henri Dutilleux’s personality, both artistic and human, was for me one of nobility
and high intelligence of the heart. A very high symbol whom I had the good fortune to work alongside. He brought me so much.
This work aspires to bear witness to these fundamental values at the heart of artistic creation; the fertile future lies in the pursuit and sensitive intelligence of our roots, of tradition: inventing a whole world that speaks of musical invention as an ageless given.
Here, the cello is radiant, vibrating subtly and energetically towards profoundly expressive regions. The breath of this age-old instrument opens up such a vast field.
From the precise delicacy of the moment to the high virtuoso energy inherent in the very nature of its construction, its organic make-up: this instrument is the very symbol of the music of the brilliant artist Henri Dutilleux.
Wood, horsehair, taut strings, one man, his masterly gesture and his living energy
playing without artifice; thus the cello, this instrument, built from these materials
wood, horsehair and metal, yet makes sound like a singing body, a lyrical and profound line, a metaphor for the highest and noblest musical entity: the human voice.


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