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DUMONT Aurélien
Solos piano
ISMN 979-0-56025-258-2


Other pages is a piece for solo piano consisting of five bagatelles, offering a look at Beethoven’s Opus 126 through the prism of my own musical language. The five movements composed here are inserted between Beethoven’s bagatelles. The sequences are different each time, creating a labyrinthine work that evolves within a play of symmetries and aesthetic reflections, often proceeding through playful stutterings.
The musical objects used are all derived from Beethovenian material (cadences, melodic snippets, rhythmic cells, dramaturgical gestures, etc.). Arranged in a quasi-plastic manner in a universe where silence plays a central role, these objects are embodied in what I call OEMs – aesthetically modified objects: anamorphoses, temporal stretching, reharmonizations, piano preparation constitute a palette of tools to lose the listener in an unexpected in-between-world.
The piece can also be performed without Beethoven’s Op. 126. In this case, each movement should be played with a pause in between.
Aurélien Dumont


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