Paralipomènes à une eidétique musicale

SOGNY Michel
Solos piano
ISMN 979-0-56025-197-4


Les Paralipomènes à une Eidétique Musicale is a natural complement to my earlier work Les Prolégomènes à une Eidétique Musicale.
The purpose of what I mean by “musical eidetics” is to attempt to rediscover the original intelligibility of music, so as to be able to express it in harmony and the simplest form.
In this way, reliving music in its essence introduces us to the unique metaphysical experience of embodying in a sound a part of one’s sensibility reflecting an expressed interiority.
May those who approach these pages in this spirit capture the intuitive apprehension of aesthetic emotion that is the privilege of the artist.
Michel Sogny


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