Le Porteur de temps

ISBN 978-2-917992-18-0


Who has eyes to see beyond the night?
I kept my pyjamas on and slipped into the transparency of the first dream to the depths of the world to admire the relationship giving birth to the “Euclidean pixel”, itself the generator of the limits and discontinuity of the perceptible.
I travelled in this night train on the trackless paths of music, physics and philosophy; a journey of identity under the moans of cosmic winds and the cries of quantas swallowed up by the initiatory whirlpools of gaping holes padded with black.
Sometimes, on the other side of the holes, I thought I saw the shadow of God, but the angel accompanying me said it was Nothing. This Nothing, always greater and smaller than “everything”, incognizable, inexorable, indestructible, in eternal, silent regeneration.
At dawn, a shower of sparkling letters mixing Latin, Phoenician, Greek and Cyrillic rudely awakened me, and with regret, I had to close the window of sleep for confused reasons.
Before going back to sleep, I hung up the letters in this book and pushed open the door of memories.
Epaminondas Chiriacopol

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