Steel I

Duos piano, clarinet, bass clarinet
ISMN 979-0-56025-271-1


Steel: alloy, marriage, profound symbol: that of the transmutation of a pure body, iron, into a material infinitely open to invention.
to invention.
Steel: metals have always fascinated me, because they are the memory of fire under the exercise of the intelligence of human hands.
Steel: the presence of fire, its breath, its dynamics, its scale of transformation from solid to liquid, right through to the evaporation of matter under extreme temperatures.
subject to extreme temperatures. The note as an event, be it structure, gesture, theater, mystery: its birth,
its life, its resonance, its decline, its resulting silence.
Steel: a history of fire.
Steel: a symbol of moving time, like the subtle or violent oscillation of a flame. Burning time. Cooling time.
Freezing and burning.
Steel: metal transformed to open listening to the hallucinatory world of vibrating sound bodies, like crystalline bodies traversed by waves
bells, metal piano strings, quartet strings, gongs, tam-tam, cymbal, vibraphone,
Tibetan bowls, triangle, etc.
Steel: the whimsical, unstable breath of the bass clarinet through the breath of fiery textures.
Acier: fire equals breath.
Steel: a symbol of the quest for strength, reliability, the material’s power to transform, its ability to generate shapes.
Steel: its waves of sparks, its sharp angles, its curves of extreme silky textures, materials smoothed, sandblasted, vitrified, having undergone impact polishing.
polished by innumerable atom-note impacts, like fluctuating, organic, resonant effluvia.
Steel: flame and crystal.
Steel: a song.
Steel: a five-part journey through the poetics of fire.
Philippe Schoeller


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