Trois Hétéronymes

Trios piano, violin, cello
ISMN 979-0-56025-731-0
conducteur et parties séparées





For this Trio, I was inspired by the enigmatic Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa, his pluralism, his depersonalization and the delirium of his imagination.
Indeed, the complex relationship between Pessoa and its main heteronyms (Reis, Caeiro and Campos) led me to question the notion of multiplicity, cohabitation and unity.
In this work, composed of three parts that follow one another without interruption, I wanted to stage this madness gathered in the head of the Portuguese writer. Although I did not wish to represent each of these heteronyms with their different styles nor to embody them in a particular instrument, I sought here to put them in relation, to make them dialogue and
superimpose them, thus giving birth to a clear and complex conversation.
It is therefore from a desire to enter the head of the poet and to allow oneself to be immersed in this pluralism, in this crazy and delirious imagination, that this Trio was born.


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