WhatsPop (psychedelic-lyrical fresco)

DUMONT Aurélien
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WhatsPop begins with an evocation of Dowland’s musical universe, the starting point of a music both learned and popular. The musical discourse then takes on a wide variety of forms, from pastiche of popular music to rock based on a close-up orchestration, rather close to noise music, with the occasional electronic presence through simple sound file triggers and discreet instrumental amplification. The incarnation of the singer is polymorphous, between lyrical, baroque, commercial, pop-music and rock voices, to gradually become that of an android, thus embracing a great progressive movement of sound synthesization.

This is the first time in my work that I have conceived and written a libretto, 60% of which is composed of works belonging to the public domain, whose fragments are rendered mainly in the form of centons, and 40% of which is composed of original texts, some of which are inspired by the work of Philippe K. Dick. Dick.

WhatsPop thus continues my reflections on the renewal of the concert form. This work also lies at the crossroads of my relationship with rock music, as demonstrated by my piece Zero Syd Barrett & Two Girls Playing Saxophone (2020), and the construction of a work in the form of an “OEM fresco” as experimented with in Fragments d’autre (2021), composed from the correspondence between Albert Camus and Maria Casarès.


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