Le Grand Saut

Solos viola
ISMN 979-0-56025-628-3




Camille Cœllo


A great leap into the vast expanse that is contemporary music today. This is the subject I have chosen to explore in this piece, dedicated to Camille Coello. Beyond this musical notion, Le Grand Saut above all tells a story: that of a road travelled after a great page turned. A leap into the void… but with an “after”.
The introduction is thus symbolized by a great infernal fall (preceded by a few hesitant outbursts) set to music by groups of notes widely exploited in modern music (by Béla Bartok, among others), as if to signify the last words of a modal music… It ends its course by “plunging” deeply into the 4th string of the viola, the lowest. In this way, the music is stripped of all reference points. Shattered into a thousand pieces by the landing… Everything has to be rebuilt… So the first, more concrete sounds emerge from the instrument. Sounds that take shape over time, thanks to the space left between each intervention. In time, these sounds take shape, thanks to the space left between each intervention. From this, the first rhythms emerge, gradually giving way to an impassive rhythmic loop. The latter is the element to overcome. The ultimate goal for achieving serenity, discovering once again the modality so coveted at the outset, accompanied this time by the new colors assimilated along the way.
François Vallet-Tessier


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