Le Monologue d’Anna

MENUT Benoît
Trios, Mezzo piano, clarinet
ISMN 979-0-56025-083-3
conducteur & partie séparée




Dominique Lambert et l'ensemble Accroche Note


This piece is the result of two artistic and symbolic shocks. First of all the discovery of Alexander Scriabin’s Piano Sonata n° 7 opus 64, subtitled White Mass, of which Le Monologue d’Anna draws its harmonic, and – to a lesser extent – melodic substance. The first three measures of this sonata haunt this monologue like an ark of structuring memory.
Then there was the discovery of Dominique Lambert’s text ; an admirable synthesis of all the myths about women, an ode to the Woman in her physical and symbolic entirety. This text also haunted me because of both its lyrical and psalmodic aspects.
This piece is full of ternary symbols, in reference to the indivisible aspect of this number (in
fact the name Anna could also be spelt as Ana: equilibrium and palindrome). By one of these fortunate coincidences which bring half a smile to one’s face, I happened to find very similar ones in White Mass ; with much humility.
Benoît Menut
English translation by Mathilde Handesman


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