DUBOIS Lancelot
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To open the Apostroph’ vocal ensemble concerts, France de La Hamelinaye wanted to capture the audience with an appeal, launched by a single voice.
After much research and hesitation, we came up with this poem, which seemed an obvious choice. I’d like to thank Malin Strömdahl-Sherman, thanks to whom I was able to work on the correct pronunciation of Swedish. Here are a few highlights:
u: [ou]
y: between [i] and [u]
o: open
å: closed [o]
ä and ö: as in German
h: highly aspirated
g: barely pronounced
“gjort”: pronounced [yort]
“mig” and “sig”: pronounced [mey] and [sey] respectively
s: pronounced [s] except for “sjunga”, “stjärnorna” and “skjuter”, which are pronounced [sh]unga, [shty]ärnorna and [sh]uter respectively.
For interpretation, when a vowel is followed by one of the consonants l, m or n, take just enough time to sing the vowel, then continue the sound on the consonant.
Lancelot Dubois


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